Know all about Pageants with Elke Jeinsen

Pageants can be wonderfully colourful and entertaining events, and for competitors it can range from a bit of fun to something a lot more serious. For those taking part, winning can mean getting noticed by talent scouts and exciting career prospects in the modelling or show-business industries. One London escort just loves to watch as a spectator, and find that the best events tend to be held in Germany.

A Great Day Out

Naomi, who has been working as a London escort with PalaceVIP for 2 years, says she can’t get enough of pageants and makes sure to attend them whenever she gets the chance. “I just love the glamour and vibrancy of it all”, she said. “I know that the contestants are mostly amateurs, but it’s still all very show-biz and for me that provides such a buzz”. “While it can be hard on those that don’t win, it can be wonderful to see just how happy the winners are”, she added.
A Possible Contender
With great looks and talent herself, some people have tried to convince Naomi that she should take part herself, and she admits that she might be convinced. “It’ll be interesting to know more about what it is like for the contestants”, she said. “I might take part some time but it will definitely be a case of taking part for the experience rather than wanting to win anything”. “Having said that, I’d still be quite happy if I did win something”, she finished.